Kim's Elder Orphans

“I’m an advocate for homeless elderly in Romania.” 

That’s a statement I never imagined I would make. But God in His wisdom used a variety of experiences and people to bring me to the mission of Elder Orphan Care: a Romanian pastor, a former intern, a job at an assisted living home, and my passionate prayers to make a difference in the world. 

Elder Orphan Care shares God's love with the elder orphans of Romania and partners with Viorel Pasca and his wife Florica, to serve over 250 elderly and frail in Dumbrava, Rapa, and Tinca, Romania. 

As executive director of EOC, I have the privilege of raising awareness, resources, and funds that help provide them with shelter, nutrition, medical care, and the opportunity to know God’s love. 

A few of our “Wow Dee Wow!” experiences include: 
  •  Our $10,000 in 2 Week Challenge funded an building addition we call the “Glory to God” Wing. It’s home for twelve elderly who will no longer have to live on the streets.
  • Friends of Elder Orphan Care generously donated over $20,000 to build a Volunteer House onsite in Dumbrava, Romania, where volunteers can stay while helping serve the many needs of the elderly and frail.
  • Many of our elderly friends are coming to know Jesus! We love it when our older friends love Him! Since there are no adults of God, only children of God, we are rejoicing with 70 and 80 year old children of God!
  • Team member Lisa Albinus, who believes "Beauty pierces the darkness," helps our precious elderly friends do water coloring paintings on her trips to Romania.
  •  "Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone." Psalm 71:9  
Elder Orphan Care is one of my favorite "Wow Dee Wows"!

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