Kim Speaks

“Kim, we had one complaint about your presentation: No one wanted you to stop!” (Event Planner) 

"After hearing Kim Jackson, we rate all our speakers on a scale of ‘One to Kim’” (Conference Chair) 
Glossophobic* I’m not! In fact, I enjoy every opportunity I have to speak, share what God is teaching me, and brag on Him. 

   A few facts:
  •  My speaking “career” began in 1980 when I was asked to speak at a Mother Daughter Banquet. I did, and that pebble in the pond has had amazing ripple effects. 
  •  I’ve had the privilege of speaking in 30 states and 6 countries 
  • “Inner-obics: Happy Health from the Inside Out” is my most requested topic. 
  •  I’m a CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors Speakers) graduate. 
  •  “Your Five Words” is an interactive presentation in which participants are encouraged to view their lives through “Five-Word Frames.” 
  •  I enjoy “tweaking” presentations for a variety of audiences: I’ve spoken for churches, retreats, Bible Studies, staff meetings, Health Care Workers, Lion’s Clubs, Senior Citizen Groups, Youth Mission Events, Breakfast Clubs, Lunch and Learns, and After Six Events. 
  •  “What’s Your Story: Leaving a Legacy that Lasts” is an idea-rich presentation for both making memories and capturing them. 
  • Goldmine Toastmasters is one of my favorite groups of people. I held several club offices and won a fair amount of club and area contests when my travel schedule permitted me to attend weekly meetings. I miss this group!  
  • “88 Incredibly Inventive Encouragement Ideas” is an audience favorite.
  •  When I receive a request to speak I send a list of my topics with descriptions, but sometimes a group has a topic they want me to present. I'm happy to develop new themes. One way or the other, please contact me at kimagine320@gmail(DOT)com if you need a “KIMmunicator” not just a speaker. 

*a person who fears speaking in public

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Each week I write a BOG (Brag On God) post. My prayer is that my words will invite you to brag on God, too. And together we'll make God smile.