Kim at age 10 printing her "Neighborhood News"
I’m Kim, the woman behind the words of Wow Dee Wow. 

I’m an advocate for homeless elderly, a writer, speaker, lover of words and especially God’s Word.

  • Born in Vincennes, Indiana, as was Red Skelton. The city has named a bridge after him, but nothing after me so far.
  • I’m a ’57 model. It was a good year for Chevys and Jacksons.
  • Raised in the “holy lands” of Palestine (Illinois) 
  • Youngest of the original Jackson Five: Charles, Doris, Judy, Doug and Kim. 
  • Grew up hearing the phrase “Get the dictionary and look it up,” which I believe birthed my love of words. 
  • Lived in Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. I’m not running from the law, it just looks like it. 
  • Worked as a waitress, corn detassler, youth minister, editor, movie theatre cleaner, estate sale helper, writer–in-residence, fitness club manager and concierge at an assisted living. 
  • I’m a person who is not married. (Single is a Wendy’s hamburger.) 
  • Not only am I an Aunt, I’m a great one. I have two nephews, a niece, two great-nephews, a great-niece, two great-grand nephews and a great-grand niece!
  • Sold my house nearly a couple of decades ago and lived with a variety of hospitable friends for almost 20 years while "traveling light." Currently enjoying living near historic downtown Concord, North Carolina.
  • Confident I have the world’s best friends.
  • Survived a wreck involving my car, a deer and a semitrailer. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe it. 
  • I have many favorite Scriptures, but Ephesians 3:20, 21 always rates near the top of the list!


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  2. Glad it was entertaining! I sure enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I love the picture of you printing with the mimeographer!! This was fun to read!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it, Judith. I had fun writing it. As you can tell by my blog posts, I have a unique "voice" :)

  5. Love your About Me info so fun!

    Coming over from the UBP!

  6. Stopping by from UBP 13 and I enjoyed my visit.

    (Link # 59)

    ps. Loved your fun and funny list.

  7. What an amazing about me page! So you live with "hospital friends" what does that mean? Are you a caregiver for everyone? Visiting from UBP 13 ;)

  8. Hello! Visiting you from the party links. I like the BOG concept. Brilliant! ;-)

  9. Wow dee wow, visiting from UBP. I like to say wow, and sometimes I'm looking for something more than wow. Now I have it.
    I had to subscribe to your blog, because you BOG.

  10. Hi Kim, I love it! Wow Dee Wow! You're right when it comes to the Lord a simple "Wow" just isn't enough! I love all of your fun facts. I too am visiting from UBP and hoping you'll come over at say hello at Counting My Blessings -

  11. Hi Kim! I also loved the Wow Dee Wow! Awesome. You're right, it makes you smile. I'm here from UBP13 and I will definitely be back again. I love your attitude about life and your sense of humor. (Multiple Bichon Syndrome!)


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