Kim Writes

“The Torture House” is a story I wrote when I was a teenager. Now you know how I feel about getting a perm. 

A few facts about my writing since then: 

  • My book proposals receive incredibly encouraging rejections.
  • I was an editor at Standard Publishing for four years. 
  •  One person described my style of writing as Dave Barry meets Billy Graham. Hmm.  
  • Book Proposal Number One: Romans 8:28 is Not a Typo: When Life’s a Puzzle, God’s Got the Top of the Box 
  •  I’ve been published in a variety of print and online publications including The Lookout, DevoZine, Women with Know How, YouthWorker Journal, Christian Standard, Leadership Journal, Writing on the Word and Scripture to Live By.  
  • Book proposal Number Two: Totally Scary Women For God: Forty Frighteningly Fabulous Females of Faith
  •  “Creative Heart of God” is a curriculum that my friend Cathi and I wrote to help believers claim creativity as part of their birthright from Father God. We’re testing it in small groups, seminar and retreat settings. Stay tuned.  
  • Book Proposal Number Three: All Stirred Up: A “Commotional” (not devotional) intended to incite love and good deeds (see Hebrews 10:24, 25). 
  •  I’m available to write guest blog posts or other writing assignments. Contact me at kimagine320@gmail(DOT)com to discuss the possibilities.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your writing adventures.

    1. I appreciate your encouragement "all over" my blog, Judith! May God bless you BIG!

  2. I'm curious about "Creative Heart of God" and would like to reserve a copy of COMMOTION right away! lol!


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