Unopened Envelope

The envelope sat in a pile of unopened mail for several days. 

I was busy and assumed from the return address it was the annual plea from a local theme park to bring my youth group there in the summer. It was only January so certainly there was no rush to open it. I had even considered removing that event from our calendar because the tickets were getting so expensive and the kids would also need money for lunch. Maybe we wouldn’t even go this year. So there was no need to open the envelope because I knew what was inside. Why take time to open something when I already knew what it said? 

Or did I? 

I opened the envelope. 

Surprise! "Congratulations, Kim Jackson, for registering your church group for a chance to win a FREE OUTING at Knight’s Action Park…. Your card was selected as the winner… You have won one free church youth group outing for up to 100 youth to include unlimited water attractions and miniature golf, plus lunch. Congratulations!” 

So…uh….it seems I didn't know what the envelope contained after all! 

I’ve kept that letter for 18 years because it reminds me of the Word of God. Yes, the Word of God, the Bible. I remembered the unopened envelope recently when my church began reading two chapters of Luke together each day. I joined in even though I’ve read that Gospel dozens of times. But guess what? As I read, I heard myself saying, “What? Since when has THAT been in the Bible?” 

Hmmm…so I just thought I knew….and made assumptions….but when I opened God’s Word there were wonderful surprises awaiting me. 

Oh God, may this be my constant prayer: "Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your Word" (Psalm 119:18 LV).

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  1. Good thing you didn't just throw the letter away after assuming what was in there! Great reminder, Kim. Btw, is it the first two chapters in Luke? Love you!


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