A Picture is Worth....

We often say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is...
The simple joy of a photo
This week Kim has been unexpectedly without internet as she ministers to the elderly and orphaned in Romania. 
No legs but a big heart for Jesus.
So she texted me and asked me to fill in for her on WOW DEE WOW... 
I decided that it would be a beautiful tribute to the Lord to share some of the photos of Kim doing her ministry during this trip and earlier trips. 
Kim puts her whole heart into everything she does, and especially her advocate work for the elderly in Romania. 
All of these dear seniors were rescued from the streets, unable to live on their meager pensions.
They are given a safe, clean place to live, food and minimal medical care. And "luxuries" like a walker bring tears of joy. No longer bed-bound!

Sometimes words just can't capture the simply joys that God's love provides. I hope you see God's hand in these images and in your life today!

Gail Purath, filling in for Kim today while she is being Jesus to these dear souls who seemed to be forgotten...but not by God.

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  1. Amazing! God bless you for being His hands and feet.

  2. What a blessing she is to these dear souls!! Praying for you Kim!!!

  3. This is so beautiful. May God continue to shower her with daily blessings as she works to bring joy to the disadvantaged.

  4. So inspirational. Bless you. Your crown will have many jewels.

  5. Love these pictures! God's blessings on your ministry.

  6. Nameste. What a wonderful ministry Kim is involved in. I do missionary work in Belize and love the people and some of them correspond with me via fb. Thank you for bring Kim's photos to us and my prayers go out to her and her ministry. In Jesus name.

  7. Beautiful pictures! What a special ministry! I pray God blesses it and Kim for her service to Him!

    Blessings, Joan

  8. Such a beautiful heart that reaches out and loves! I love James description of perfect religion...to care for and visit the widows/widowers. Bless you! And thanks for linking at UNITE! ~ Jen

  9. Thank you for sharing these lovely joy-filled moments and for linking up with Playdates with God this week! Many blessing to Kim in this valuable work.

  10. What a beautiful heart - yet how sad that these folks don't have family to minister to them - so glad she drew them into God's family!

  11. These pictures are priceless!! Thanks for sharing them, Kim (well you allowed them to be shared) over at WholeHearted Home this past week. Gail, you did a superb job!!! I knew you were the substitute author even before I got to the end of the post.

  12. Kim,

    I can't tell who's smiling bigger -- you or them. Actually, I know Who's smiling biggest -- the one who created smiles == and he's smiling because of YOU :) Blessings to you, friend!


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