Thank You, Dear Deer

I had planned to stop in Kentucky to stay overnight on my way home from a speaking engagement.

And I did stop...
 But nowhere near a hotel. 

A deer wandering on to the interstate provided the reason I slammed on my brakes with such force that three months after the accident, two toenails on my right foot are still growing back. 

When I stopped, the semitrailer truck behind me rear-ended my compact car, causing it to flip three times. 

I wasn’t counting. The eyewitnesses shared that information when they found me—alive—much to their surprise.

My initial wave of gratitude surged at the accident site when I got the first look at what was left of my car. Not much. 

Kim's Car after the Accident!!
Surviving an accident of that magnitude confirms that God has more for me to do. 

Evidently, as a friend quipped, God was done with the deer. He didn’t survive. Neither did my car. But I did. Miraculously.

So thank you, dear deer, for sending my gratitude level off the chart. I have always had tendencies towards thankfulness. I have my mother to, uh, thank, for that. But something about a brush with death highlights, underscores and bolds the preciousness of life.

Thank you, dear deer, for giving me so many “God stories” to share. For example, my car was leased, so I didn’t receive money to replace it. But December 23rd a family donated a car to our church and the church gave it to me. After six weeks without a car, I got one for Christmas! And the scene at the DMV that day—reminiscent of a Hallmark movie—was one I doubt they’ve had before or since. 

Thank you, dear deer, for eliminating my car payment. Since my salary as an advocate for homeless elderly comes through the generosity of individuals and churches, not having a car payment is like handing me $250 a month. Nice. And because my Christmas Car is 17 years old, my auto insurance is considerably lower.

I could list many more reasons to say “Thank you, dear deer,” which of course is my way of communicating that I try to acknowledge and thank God for working in every situation for my ultimate good.

No doubt about it, if it had been up to me, I would not have scripted “Deer, enter stage right.” But since God allowed it, and because I believe Romans 8:28 is not a typo, I will continue to pray for the wisdom to “Give thanks in all circumstances…” (1Thessalonians 5:18).

Kim prays for a formerly homeless senior in Romania.

Read about Elder Orphan Care ministry HERE

4/13: Kim is in great need of a reliable car. To help her buy one, please read THIS.

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