Serendipitous or Spiritipitous?

Math has never been my forte, but the numbers in this story add up, even for me. 

When my friend Joy felt led to help support my work with Elder Orphan Care, she decided to have $15 automatically deducted from her paycheck each week. She got the paperwork set up for the automatic draft on Thursday. That evening the cable service at her house went on the fritz, so she called her cable provider. When the associate looked at her account he commented, “I could save you some money.” And he did: $50 per month. 

Friday after work she had to deal with an issue with her cell phone. In the course of that conversation, an associate reviewed her account and said, “I could save you some money.” And he did: $10 per month.

Even with my math impairment, I can calculate that within hours of Joy’s decision to donate $60 a month, she received two unsolicited gifts that will save her $60 each month. 

 Wild, huh? The figures add up, but does the story? I mean, what are the odds of that happening? What word describes such a scenario? 

Some may suggest serendipitous. But one look at the dictionary definition immediately rules it out. Serendipitous: come upon or found by accident, luck, good fortune. 

Since there is no chance that the details of Joy’s story happened by accident, I would like to suggest a word that you won’t find in any dictionary. I know it’s not there because I made it up: Spiritipitous. Since I coined the word, I can also give you its definition: orchestrated by the Spirit of God; not occurring through human design or activity. 

The word Spiritipitous may never make it into the dictionary, but I have added it to my vocabulary of praise because I want to give credit where credit is due, praise to the only One who can write such a story. 

I’m curious: what Spiritipitous scenarios have you encountered? 

Tell me about it briefly in the comment area below so I can say “Wow Dee Wow!” with you.


  1. Here's my Spirtipitous story : I had registered for a class and was planning to come up with the money to pay for it since I did not qualify for student loans. The last day for registration came and I still did not have the money to pay for the class but this was a critical class and I WOULD have to come up with the money by the end of the day which was 5pm that day.

    I stood at the foot of the staircase of the house I was living in at the time and prayed a simple prayer asking God to intervene. Not really knowing what to do after that, I left my house and went to the library. While there I met a young lady I knew and we struck up a conversation. Somehow (here's the spiritptious part), my issue of having to pay for this class came up. She kept probing for more information and I informed her of my inability to pay for the class and that the money was due at the end of that day. She immediately offered to pay for the class for me and agreed to have me pay her back in instalments !

    I was more than amazed. I went from having no clue where money would come from, no-one to really ask either to paying for my class before 5pm THAT DAY. All I can say is that God is good !


    1. Thank you for sharing your SPIRITipitous Story, Gertrude! It's a "Yay God" for sure :)

  2. Mine isn't a spiritipous story so much as that I love how you make up words. When our kids were young, I was accused of what they called momisms - meaning I added atypical prefixes and suffixes to regular words. Your term brought back all those memories. I just sort of call those things in your story miracles - its easier to spell. And I have had plenty of them - God getting me out of skids on ice more times than I can remember, but the one time He didn't, I hit a pile of snow in the ditch and just backed out.

    1. Thank you! I love to coin words. My parents surrounded me with books and we all loved "word play." I'd like to hear some of your "Mom-isms"! And yes, MIRACLE is also a good word and much easier to spell! Thank you for your comments and story.

  3. I love your blog. Here is our Spiritipitous story. My husband was laid off 2 years ago and money was tight. We have 3 children and each of them wanted the yearbook from their school--it was a luxury we couldn't afford. They understood but were sad. That day we received an anonymous card with a check for EXACTLY the amount of the yearbooks! ---we hadn't told anyone and it was an odd amount of money not $30 something like $27.50. It was such a God moment that grew our children's faith.

    1. Thank you for sharing your SPIRITipitous Story! I not only love the story, I appreciate that it grew your children's faith. Yay God!


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